Dread the Storm

This poem came to me while I was helping a friend edit their book. It took some exploration of the idea, honing what it was I wanted to say, but ultimately it fit into a project I had already started. I’m writing a poetry collection exploring the different ways people view or experience death. Each poem’s perspective is first person, but from death’s view.

Ever since I read “The Book Thief” by Markus Zusak several years ago, I’ve wanted to write something from death’s perspective. After a few false starts, I settled on a poetry collection. I don’t need a full novel to say the things I want, and I’ve always liked the subtlety and nuances in telling stories with poems.

So here is the first of several poems I’ve written.


Dread the Storm

Waves high as desert dunes crash into

troughs of rough water until they reach

the shore, where they strew carcasses

far inland–a testament to the storm’s wrath.

Clouds with dark heads leave trees behind, broken

from wind and lightning, a deadly combination

that leaves wood smoldering in the rain.

Dread the storm that holds on

long after the catastrophe and forces

its victims to pick up one thousand pieces


Thoughts borne of a friend’s cutting words,

swirling downward in a spiral of deprecation

turn from a joke into a nightmare.

Once-competent individuals turn in circles,

trying to find themselves through the fog

of medical treatment and the pain

of new limitations.

Dread the storm because


is my ink, my mark, my seal.


If you enjoyed this poem, feel free to like, comment below, share, and check out some of my other writings. Most of them are poems, but there are a few vignettes and flash fiction.

I’m working on several different projects right now, so I apologize if I don’t publish as often this fall, but I’ll try my best to keep up with my weekly postings.

Thanks for reading! Check out some of my other works below.

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