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Remembrance, Ives #1

You know me, I know you do. We grew up together, you and I. Neighbors on a street full of kids with big hearts, sad stories, and impossible dreams. Do you remember the other kids? They left, one by one, until only you and I remained. I always knew they'd find their own stories.

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Ode on a Trampoline

Today, out of the spirit of actually publishing something, I'm giving you a glimpse into the life that inspired the Remembrance story. A lot about the story was different when we first thought of it, but it was still the beginning.

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Remembrance, Introduction

This is a story that I've been working on since about seventh grade. It's a kind of thriller, I guess, but more than that, it's based on relationship, truth, and perception. This is the introduction to four pieces that I will be publishing over the next few weeks.

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Holly… Day?

The day, sunny this morning, has turned cold and dreary, like any good holiday in the city. No snow here, though. I doubt half the residents even know the word. There's been such little communication from outside cities for so long that knowledge of other climates has passed beyond common knowledge. I know what it is because Tessian, Nemus's father, took it into his head to give all of us orphans what he considered a proper education. From him, I know that snow used to be expected on this holiday, though even the holiday's name has been lost to time. People still celebrate, though.

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