The Master’s Rhyme (an Ode to Madness)

This is a poem I wrote a couple months ago, around the time I was feverishly trying to write a decent villanelle. I had just rediscovered the beauty of rhyming poetry, and I wasn’t sure what to do with it or myself except come up with line after line after line in hopes of finding one that might be worthy or unworthy enough to become a poem. I tried to write a poem about what it would be like to be a crazy cat lady, and that failed, but I got this idea out of the last little bit of that poem which became this one. This one is for my nerd friends.

All around the world we go
Spinning yarn and tales of woe
The only thing that keeps me sane
Is this pounding in my brain
It keeps me up when darkness falls
It makes me sleep when morning calls
The sound of drums can’t be denied
Or stopped or paused or failed or tried
From master chained to slave made free
I know not which I came to be
When the beating in this head of mine
Came to pulse with the heart of time

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