Tales of a Part-Time Coffee Addict, Part Two

Some days I have the beginnings of a headache, and I don’t know if it’s from dehydration or caffeine withdrawals.

They began last month, when I began to replace my nightly coffee with the more soothing decaf vanilla chai tea bags my sister bought me for Christmas last year. That was around the same time my water filter expired, and I didn’t have the money or the determination to buy a new one. So here I am with a combination of dehydration and decaffeination.

My curiosity here only worsens because those are daily habits, but I only get the headaches some days. Not every day. Maybe there’s another factor? Maybe I have an aneurysm causing headaches and I’ll die tomorrow from the clot. Maybe I have a brain tumor that’s been growing and developing into a brain sucking and shoving misery. Maybe I have an exorbitant amount of stress and I’ll die of a heart attack the next time someone sneaks up on me because I’m wound up so tight. Maybe I’ll… I don’t know… eat more? Lack of vitamins and nutrients could also cause headaches. That’s probably what it is.

Yeah. My sometimes headaches are probably caused by my infrequent and malnutritious eating habits. I refuse to believe my headaches are a product of caffeine’s revenge upon my choices.

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