Promptly Posted

I owe my good readers a post, so I’m giving you a prompt. It’s the last week of June, so, in the spirit of summer, tell me a sunny story.

Two girls, ages twelve and thirteen, splash and swim in the lake water. Their parents watch from shore, laughing and talking to each other in the easy way that close friends have. A hot sun burns overhead, bathing the girls in a bright summer heat. A boy, aged sixteen, crashes into the water from a swim raft nearby, and the girls squeal in delight as the splash overtakes them. Parents yell from shore. What happens next?

I know this one seems a little boring, but feel free to make it as exciting or as simple as you want. Bring aliens into their quiet, simple lives, or a time-traveling dragon with a penchant for British cinema, or write an argument between the parents and the teens. Maybe it takes a dark turn as a murderer shows up and kills them all, I don’t know. The point here is to create a scene, so have fun with it and post in the comments below.

prompt Writings

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