I feel like

The storm of aches throughout my body turns
my usually tough skin hypersensitive,
the aches roiling from one spot to the next
without warning or sense.

My head aches, too, but it’s not a headache.
It’s the inflammation of a thousand thoughts
caught in the pathway between my eyes.

If Monday feels like anything, it’s a cold.
When the sneezing is dry, but I feel the snot
gathered behind my face.

It drips down my throat, so I have trouble breathing
without coughing or sneezing, but it still. won’t. leave.
None of the medicine works. Until it does, but I forget I
took the drugs, and I mistake the absence of symptoms
for getting better. The morning brings it all back.

It’s Tuesday now, but I
still feel
like Monday.

poetry Writings

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  1. This is absolutely great. I love how the Monday blues have been expressed in a way that proves that it’s just about the blues and not really the days. I really like this one!

    I too, have written a poem recently which portrays what it feels like to go through anxiety attacks or maybe even panic attacks. I would be really glad to know your opinions on it!

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