Ode on a Trampoline

So, guys, I’m sorry it’s been a couple of weeks, but I’ve been working on the continuation of the Remembrance stories. It’s been a thing, let me tell you. And I’m still working on them. Slowly. The good thing is that I’ve made a few breakthroughs in character and plot. The bad news is that it’s been a little hard for me to focus on.

Today, out of the spirit of actually publishing something, I’m giving you a glimpse into the life that inspired the Remembrance story. A lot about the story was different when we first thought of it, but it was still the beginning.

I’m giving a shout out to my friends, SarahRuth, Sam, and Kayla, for their contributions and continual friendship through the years. Here’s to remembering our youth and laughing at our ridiculousness.

* * *

We lie on a black mesh mat
three feet above the greenest
circle of grass in my yard.

Our bodies press against
one another in the heat, pulled
to the center by gravity.

We talk of toe socks, movies,
and the stupidity
of boys as an iPod plays
Michael Buble and Shakira.

My friend to the left blurts an idea:
one of characters and homemade
comic strips, of a world where
Harry Potter coexists
with all our dreams—heartbreak
and melodrama and healing
within the teenage mind—all we need
is a pen, some paper, and a hard surface

to bring to life
things we wish
we knew more about.

* * *

Thanks for reading, guys! I hope you enjoyed it. Leave some feedback in the comments below or on my social media posts. If you’d like to know when I post new stuff, you can subscribe via email at the three dots at the top right of the screen or through WordPress at the bottom of the page.

I promise I’ll get the next Remembrance story up soon!

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